Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV component allows Connect to work with the Microsoft Dynamics' NAV software solution for enterprise resource planning (ERP).


Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a global enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that provides small and midsize businesses greater control over their finances and can simplify their supply chain, manufacturing, and operations.


You will need the following Microsoft Dynamics Online credentials:

  • Username

  • Password

  • User domain

  • Service URL

Microsoft Dynamics NAV integration component

This is a private component to work with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV software in your integration flows, developed specifically to run on Connect platform.

The component supports both triggers and actions, which means you can use it either to execute or to act upon a certain event. For example, you can create and update contacts or push new products and new customers to other applications for further data processing.

Microsoft dynamics NAV component


  1. New Contacts

  2. New Customers

  3. New Products

  4. New Units

  5. New Prices

  6. New Quotes

  7. New Orders

  8. New Invoices


  1. Create/Update Contact

  2. Create/Update Customer