Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)

This component creates a connection to a Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) server to read and upload files.

You can use this component to read, write, move or delete the files on your SFTP server. The component has trigger and action functions covering each use case.


To authenticate with an external SFTP server you must supply the necessary values in the credentials section.


A required string value. Host name of SFTP server


An optional number value. Port of SFTP server. The default is 22.

User Name

A required string value. Username for SFTP server


A optional string value. Password for SFTP server

The Password field should be empty if you are entering a Private Key.
Private Key

A optional string value. To access a secure SFTP server that is configured with a key-based authentication you must first upload your Public key to the SFTP server (contact your server administrator to do this) and fill in this field with your Private key.


A optional string value. Enter the passphrase (if any) used to create the Private Key here.

The Private Key field should remain empty if you are entering a password.


The SFTP component includes the following triggers:

Poll files

Triggers to get all new and updated files since the last polling.

Read files(deprecated)

Will continuously poll remote SFTP location for files that match the given pattern. Files found will be transferred as attachments to the next component.


SFTP component includes the following actions:

Delete file

Action to delete a file using the provided path.

Download File by name

Find a file by name in the provided directory and upload (stream) it to the attachment storage.

Download Files

Find a file by criteria in the provided directory and upload (stream) it to the attachment storage.

Move file

Action to move a file on SFTP already exists in one location on an sftp server to be moved to another location on the same SFTP server.

Upload File From URL

Given a filename and a URL to an attachment, transfers the contents of the attachment to the SFTP server.

Upload Files From Attachments Header

Upload all files from the attachments header to a defined SFTP directory