2022 release notes

April 2022

Multi-language translations

Two new recipes are now available to support multi-language translations using Wordbee and Matrix Asset Management API:

Send Matrix content for translation

Using Matrix triggers, ensure that new or updated content is automatically sent to Wordbee for translation into one or more languages.

Create multi language Matrix sites

Use the translated content from the first recipe to automatically create or update pages on your multilanguage Matrix website.

Translated content may also be sent to other content delivery platforms.

GraphQL component update

Fixed a bug where non-breaking space characters (u00a0) included in the GraphQL Query String would cause the component to throw an error. Multiline input will now be accepted without issues

March 2022

New design for the flow designer page

The new step designer has been updated to make essential tasks easier and faster:

  • You can view more than one section of the step configuration by opening the desired ones individually. You can expand and collapse all sections.

  • The new view shows more information about the used component, like the version, used function and credential ID.

  • We enforce Continue buttons for configuration fields to make it clearer.

  • The passthrough toggle is now located in the Summary  Advanced settings section.


The following components have had the listed improvements added:

  • Create a payment.

  • Orders support for lookup.

  • Delete actions.

  • API versioning to make raw request actions.

Flow Linking
  • Trigger another flow.

  • Receive trigger from another flow trigger.

  • Emit batch (added to the Emit behavior option).

Other improvements

  • The Matrix component has been updated to allow easier debugging of errors in 'Create Standard Page from a JSON Object' and align variable names with Matrix.

    These are breaking changes. When upgrading to V0.1.35, you will need to update your input to 'Create Standard Page from a JSON Object'.
  • Fixed the UI issue when an error message remains after cancelling invalid changes to the topic.

  • Addressed a problem when the flow data was not refreshed after publishing a draft and returning to the Flows page.

  • Fixed the problem wherein the platform would give an error when webhook-type component credentials would not have the Auth field defined. Now the field is ignored, and credentials are shown.

January 2022

New design for the Flows page

The Flows page has been updated to make key tasks easier and faster:

  • Upgraded filters at the top of the page will help you find the flow you need more easily.

  • A new Edit button on the flow card allows you to get to edit mode in a single click. As always, choosing edit will create a draft if a draft does not exist; if a draft already exists it will open.

  • A new Stop option is available for suspended flows enabling you to stop the flow and clear the queues easily.

  • Menu options for each flow (accessed by clicking the cog icon on the flow card) have been reorganized for ease of use.

Upgraded flow designer page

When you are editing a flow, the Step Configuration page now displays at the right-hand side of the screen, alongside the flow so that it is always clear which step in the flow you are editing. This is particularly useful with complex flows that may have many branches that reuse the same component.

UI performance upgrades

This release includes improvements to the loading speed of the Flows page and flow designer page.


Minor improvements have been made to the following components:

Splitter component

The Re-assemble message action has been updated.

Salesforce component

An issue with output metadata for certain actions has been fixed.

Sailor version updates have been made to the following components, and icon file size has been reduced in some cases: