2023 release notes

March 2023

NDJSON support for REST component

This release adds application/x-ndjson to the RESTAPIView UI view class.

The Content type menu on the REST API v2 component’s Body tab is now a text field with a list of hints, as shown in the following image:


The hints appear when your cursor is over the field, and the list reacts when you enter characters into the text field.

You can choose an item from the menu that suits your needs or, if no entries are suitable, you can enter a custom content type and save it.

The Content-type header is validated according to the list of official MIME types.

Reduced auth-secrets refresh

Since some external APIs do not allow a token to be refreshed early, the previous refresh time of 60 seconds before expiry has been reduced to 30 seconds.

This change ensures that tokens can still be promptly refreshed while staying within limits set by external APIs.

Grant support access

The platform provides the capability to grant the Squiz Customer Success team support access to your workspace.

If you own the workspace, you can click on the Grant Support Access button found in the workspace settings page to add the Customer Success team to help you troubleshoot.


This release changes the text in the context menu and modals for managing recipe deployments.

  • The Delete button is now Unlink.

  • The Delete With Flows button is now Unlink and Delete Flows.


This release introduces a new HELM environment variable:


This variable controls whether users can create or edit Recipes. It is set to false by default.

Fixed bugs

  • Large, serif text no longer appears at the top left of the screen when changing contracts, even on slow internet connections.

  • The sign-in page now has jQuery properly implemented, and the previous issue with missing jQuery has been fixed.

  • The issue with caching the Plytix component page has been resolved, and the component page should now load as expected.

Component updates

Code component 1.2.10

  • Vulnerabilities in dependencies.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM v2 component 1.2.1

  • Input and output metadata for Upsert Object action.

Shopify Admin V2 component 2.1.0

  • Get New and Updated Objects Polling trigger.

  • Execute mutation action.

  • Lookup Object By ID action.

  • Lookup Objects (plural) action.

Microsoft Azure AD Component 1.0.0

  • Make Raw Request action.

February 2023

(Beta release) New Recipe create/edit UI features

This release introduces a new dedicated page for recipe management accessible through the new Recipes menu item available under the Integrate section. Recipes enable users to develop an integration once and then deploy that recipe multiple times for any of their clients or end-users.

These recipes can contain single or collections of flows, from which end users can select the flows they need. All recipes available to a User are now listed on the Recipes page. The format and style are similar to the Flows page, which is familiar to users.

Recipes page

We display the number of deployments of these recipes on each Recipe Card. Each deployment can include more than one integration flow, and these will display when you click the Show Deployments button on the Recipe Card.

You can deploy running integration flows from any listed Recipe by hitting the Activate button.

Recipe card

You can delete the recipe deployment by selecting the Settings menu on the recipe card. However, you can delete recipe deployments with workspace visibility only when you have the Admin role in the workspace. You can not delete public recipes (those with Tenant or Global visibility).

Click on a recipe title on the card to open a dedicated recipe section which includes Recipe and Deployments pages accessible through the tabs on the top. The Recipe page contains information about the recipe. You can press the Activate button to create a flow based on this recipe.

Activate recipe

The URL of an individual recipe page is formatted as shown below:


If you have used this recipe before to create a flow, the Deployments page will list them all.

Deployments list

You can:

  • Open the flows if you have the required workspace access.

  • Upgrade the flow using a new recipe version if available.

  • Delete the recipe deployment - severing the connection between flow and recipe.

  • Delete With Flows - deleting the recipe deployment with the associated flows (one recipe deployment can contain more than one flow).


New flow designer graph UI

We continue to improve our flow designer Page. When you create or change a flow, you will notice a new, more uniform design with components of the flow displayed inside squares instead of circles.

New flow designer page

We have also updated the designer page graph; now it uses react portal.


Stripe component 1.1.0
  • Internal library from stringify to qs.stringify to properly encode JSON data into application/x-www-form-urlencoded as required by the Stripe component.

Plytix component 1.3.0
  • New option Return full object in Get new and updated objects polling trigger.

  • Missing metadata in Get new and updated objects polling trigger.

Delta-Detection component 2.2.0
  • Delete object/record action.

  • The Sailor library version to 2.7.1.

  • The maester-client version to 5.0.1.

  • Sensitive data from logs.

Zoom Webhook component 1.0.0
  • Webhook trigger.

Kafka component 1.0.0
  • Produce action.

  • Consume trigger.

Email component 1.2.4
  • Typographical error in logs.

NetSuite component 3.0.0
  • Required dependencies to component.json fields.

  • Circle.ci job to build and push images to Docker Hub.

  • API version to 2022.1.

  • Sailor library version to 3.4.0.

  • Breaking change: The user credentials authentication mechanism has been removed as Netsuite SOAP API no longer supports it.

SAP ByDesign component 2.1.4
  • Sailor library version to 3.4.0.

Google Cloud Storage component 1.0.0
  • Webhook action.

  • Make raw request action.

  • Upload file action.

  • Download file action.

  • Delete file action.

Router component 1.0.1
  • jsonata-moment library to 1.1.5 to support Jsonata 1.8.6.

  • Sailor library version to 2.7.1.

Plytix component 1.2.0
  • Product bulk action.

Shopify Admin component 1.6.6
  • Sailor library version to 2.7.1.

MongoDB component 1.5.10
  • Sailor library version to 2.7.1.

Amazon Selling Partner component 1.0.0 and 1.1.0
  • Execute operation action.

  • Make raw request action.

CSV component 3.1.6
  • Sailor library version to 2.7.1.

AWS SQS component 1.1.0
  • Receive messages long polling trigger.

Shopware 6 component 1.1.2
  • Schema to support both namings. For example, .product_flat and Product.

  • Limited number of (infinitely in general) nesting depth of parent and children objects for Products metadata to 1.

  • Sailor library version to 2.7.1.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM v2 component 1.2.0
  • Upsert object action.

  • Sailor library version to 2.7.1

Salesforce v2 component 2.5.1
  • New configuration option, Selected fields in Get updated objects polling trigger.

  • Issue with 431 and 414 errors in Get updated objects polling trigger.