Choose the right component

Use the flowchart below to assist in choosing the appropriate component for your use case:

Component decision tree

Mixpanel is a business analytics service. It tracks user interactions with web and mobile applications and provides tools for targeted communication.

This component is used for exporting raw JSON data from Mixpanel to another service, such as Squiz Datastore.

The component uses the Mixpanel Raw Event Export REST API to download event data as a JSON array.


An API key is required to authenticate against the API. The API key can be obtained by logging into your Mixpanel account and navigating to Settings  Project settings  Access keys  API secret


Raw Event Export

Expected config fields
Don’t throw Error on Failed Calls

This option controls whether errors should be thrown for HTTP codes in the 4xx/5xx range. If selected, the error response will be emitted to the next flow step.

Split result if it’s an array

If selected, Connect will check if the body of the response is an array. If so, Connect will emit one message for each element of the array.

Expected input metadata

The metadata follow the specified query parameters in https://developer.mixpanel.com/reference/export.


The date (yyyy-mm-dd) from which to begin the query. This date is inclusive.


The date (yyyy-mm-dd) on which to end the query. This date is inclusive.


The maximum number of events to be returned.


The event(s) for which you want data, encoded as a JSON array.


An expression by which to filter events. Read Mixpanel’s sequence-structure documentation for more information.

Known limitations

This component currently only supports the Raw Data Export API. Other Mixpanel APIs are not yet supported.