Zoom integration

Squiz Connect can integrate with Zoom’s video communications products via the Connect app, which is:

  • installed to your Zoom product, and

  • purpose-built to greatly simplify the process of integrating Connect with Zoom without the need for coding.

Once the Connect app is installed and configured in Zoom, and the integration flow between Connect and Zoom is configured in Connect (e.g. via a recipe), you have the potential to create any integration between Zoom and any Squiz product, as well as other third party products.

Installing and configuring the Connect app

This initial installation and configuration process consists of two parts: one conducted in Zoom and the other in Connect.

Installing the Connect app in Zoom

  1. Sign in to the Zoom marketplace.

  2. Navigate to the Squiz Connect app’s page and click the Install button to begin installing the Squiz Connect app in Zoom.

Configuring the Connect app’s credential in Connect

  1. Sign in to Connect.

  2. Access the Credentials page of the workspace where you will build your integration flow.

  3. Select REST API V2 credential from the tiled list of available credential types.

  4. On the REST API V2 credential page, click the Add New Credential button and select OAuth2 from the Type drop-down list.

  5. Choose the Zoom App Auth client from the Choose Auth Client drop-down list.

  6. Specify an appropriate name (e.g. "Zoom Production Credential") for the new Zoom credential in the Name Your Credential field.

    rest api v2 zoom credentials
  7. Click the Authenticate button and follow the window prompts to initially authorize Connect to your Zoom account.

  8. Once the authorization and authentication is successful, click Save to save the credential.

  9. The Zoom credential should now be available for selection in any flow of your current workspace.

Configuring your Zoom and Connect integration

Once you have installed and configured the Connect app, this next process involves building your integration flow between Zoom and Connect. There are two ways to build this flow: using a recipe or manually.

Recipes are pre-built integration templates that enable non-technical users to roll out common integrations between Zoom and other Squiz products.

Using a recipe

  1. Visit the Squiz Marketplace’s Recipes tab and click the Book Online Appointments Through Matrix recipe’s tile to begin activating that recipe.

  2. On the Book Online Appointments Through Matrix recipe’s page, click the Activate Recipe button, to begin the activation process that opens the recipe’s overview page in a new browser tab in Connect.

    If you are not already signed in to Connect, you are prompted to do so before continuing.
  3. On the recipe’s overview page in Connect, click the Activate button within the Recipe Summary section to open the Quick Recipe Setup panel.

  4. Complete the required steps in the Quick Recipe Setup panel (one of which includes selecting the Connect app credential above), followed by the Finish button to create your recipe’s flow.


  1. Sign in to Connect.

  2. Begin building a basic integration flow (using Connect’s generic components) to build custom integrations to Zoom.

    As part of this process, you will need to select the Connect app credential (configured above) to use in your flow.

Uninstalling the Connect app

  1. Sign in to the Zoom marketplace.

  2. Navigate to your Zoom account’s Manage > Installed Apps. Alternatively, navigate to your Connect app’s page and click the Manage tab.

  3. Click the Uninstall button and follow the remaining prompts to uninstall the app from your Zoom account.

  4. Sign in to Connect.

  5. Access the Credentials page.

  6. Select REST API V2 credential (where you previously configured your Zoom credential), from the tiled list of available credential types.

  7. Click Delete next to the credential you created for Zoom (e.g. "Zoom Production Credential").

Contacting support

If you need help, Squiz customers can contact support using the Chat option available in every product.