Troubleshooting basic issues

This document provides information on rules of platform behavior that will help you to troubleshoot issues and understand platform behaviours and limits.

Managing flow errors

There are two levels of logging in the platform that can be used to find and manage errors in your flows.

  • The Executions page includes a single record of every flow executed in the selected workspace

  • The Logs page lists all the logs for all the Flows executed in the selected workspace

An introduction to monitoring flows and understanding troubleshooting tools in Connect.

Suspended vs. stopped flows

A flow is suspended automatically if it gets 5 errors in 5 minutes. A suspended flow is simply paused and all non-processed messages in a suspended Flow are saved in RabbitMQ queue for 14 days. During this 14 day period the user can resolve the issues and resume the flow. If the user does not resume the flow after fter 14 days, it is Stopped and all messages are dropped.

You can stop a Flow manually by pressing the Stop button. All unprocessed messages are lost.

Note: for limited workspaces (used for staging environments or trial accounts) flows stop and unprocessed messages are not saved

Timeouts and message queue limits

There are a number of limits in the platform design to ensure performance and scalability:

Limit Value Description

Sample retrieval timeout

1 minute

If debug sample is not received within this time limit, it will be terminated.

Message quantity in RabbitMQ queue


Component is suspended if RabbitMQ queue stacks more than the set number of messages.

RabbitMQ queue size limit

200 MB

Component is suspended if RabbitMQ queue exceeds the set size.

Attachment sizes

Attachment limitations page

Platform has set limitations on accepting, processing and exporting attachments.

Component out of memory

This error appears if the Component exceeds the set memory limit, which is 256 MB by default:

Component Run Out of Memory

Check the exit code for details:

Exit code

In this case, the message can be lost.

Syntax errors

In most cases you will be able to see syntax errors in your logs and find and resolve them easily.