Release notes

Keep up-to-date with the latest features and fixes available below in the latest release notes for Connect. You can also access the release notes for earlier Connect releases:

April 2021

Zoom news!

For anyone that attended Squiz Summit 2020, you may recall you were invited to book 1:1 meetings with product and account managers on the website - Squiz has now made Zoom functionality available in a recipe.

Zoom’s privacy and security requirements can make Zoom authentication tricky. To make authentication easier for you, a new Connect app is now available in the Zoom marketplace! Once the app is installed to your Zoom account, you can easily build a custom integration or use one of the Zoom-related recipes on Squiz Marketplace.

Learn more about this feature in the Zoom integration guide.

Other changes

Minor updates have been made to the following components to upgrade the Node.js Sailor version and fix minor bugs:

  • DocuSign

  • Microsoft OneDrive

  • Google Pub/Sub

  • OpenAPI

  • LDAP

  • AMQP

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