Release notes

Keep up-to-date with the latest features and fixes available below in the latest release notes for Connect. You can also access the release notes for earlier Connect releases:

October 2021

New Matrix Connector

A new Matrix connector is now available in Connect!

This connector leverages the new Matrix Asset Management API and is designed to support headless content creation, including translations.

The connector will continue to be developed in line with the API as new asset types are supported.

Translation recipes

Our new recipe that uses Google Translate and the new Matrix connector to automate the translation of Matrix pages is an excellent example of how you can use the new connector.

This recipe can be used as a baseline or example for any customers who want to do translations with professional translating services.

Additional work on a connector for the Wordbee translation service is underway.

Single sign-on from Squiz Experience Cloud

Connect is moving to a model where all access is managed from Squiz Digital Experience Platform (DXP). This addition will make user management and access far simpler for DXP users.

All Connect users received an email on October 26th with specific instructions on how this change impacts them:

  • If you were not already an Experience Cloud user, you would have received an invitation to join last week. Accept this invitation promptly to retain access to Connect.

  • If you were already an Experience Cloud user, you don’t need to take any action. Use your Experience Cloud sign-in going forward.

Squiz will remove the ability to sign in directly from the Connect sign-in page in late November.

XML diff component

The XML Diff Component compares two XML documents and checks for missing elements or differences in element values.

Update all components in a flow

You can now choose to update all components in a flow to the latest version in a single click. Open the Flow designer page and click the Update all components button (update all components).

Reassembling from splitter

You can now use the Reassemble action from the component to group multiple messages into one message.