Sharepoint integration


Complete the steps required to obtain and activate a recipe as outlined in the Building a flow from a recipe documentation.

Provide configurations for the Sharepoint and Funnelback settings

  • At the recipe activation step 4, select "No Auth" type for creating a placeholder credential for your Funnelback system.

  • At the recipe activation step 5, you need provide configurations for the Funnelback and Sharepoint settings. Below is a template that you can copy and paste into the configuration credential field, and just replace the minimal three value fields in bold.

  "sharepoint": {
    "path": "",
    "folderId": "root",
    "options": {
      "orderBy": "",
      "select": "",
      "top": "",
      "skipToken": ""
  "funnelback": {
    "X-security-token": "Value of a Funnelback API security token",
    "push_endpiont": "URL of the push collection PUT end point"

Set up flows to connect to your selected Sharepoint site

Once you have activated the recipe, review the flows that have been created and delete any flows you do not need. For the flows you do need, you can now edit them to point to the correct Sharepoint site.

  1. Go to the Sharepoint step of the flow to select the Site Identity.

  2. The dropdown list shows the sample Sharepoint sites from the recipe.

  3. Click the Reload icon to refresh the list from your Sharepoint instance.