REST API usage example


The REST API component can be used for many purposes, from receiving NYT news articles for a given month, searching this site as far back as 1851 (for instance), as well as for communicating between online stores and search engines.

The example described on this page uses the REST API component to retrieve data on green energy, to determine when a household can best use electricity on the grid from renewable sources. If the 'green index' is sufficiently high, a large amount of electricity is available from renewable sources, such that during this time then, a household can best use appliances from climate-friendly sources.

Flow example

In this example, create a table that shows the efficiency of using green energy over a certain period of time. To accomplish the task, create this flow:

Flow example

Use the REST API component to retrieve the necessary information on green energy. To do this, select the GET function and define a URL. This example uses the Currently Gr√ľnstromIndex website as a source of information:

REST API input

As a sample you will receive the necessary data:

REST API sample

After that, use the splitter component to process the raw data:


Last, use the Google Spreadsheet component, selecting a pre-created spreadsheet with the first header row of field names and the required information matched against their relevant field names.

Configure spreadsheet

1 Select a spreadsheet.

2 Correlate the necessary data with headers.

After you publish the draft and run the integration flow, your spreadsheet will be updated with the data received from your flow:

Forecast spreadsheet