Copy and export flow

Connect allows users to Copy a flow within a workspace or Export a flow to another workspace.

You must have at least Integrator level access in both workspaces to use this functionality.

Read the documentation at Managing flows for more information regarding the draft state, publishing, and versioning flows.


You can copy your flow in the same workspace.

To copy a flow:

  1. Select Flow settings  Copy flow.

    Copy flows
  2. Enter the new flow name:

    Enter name
  3. An exact copy of the flow is created in draft mode. You can then rename and publish the draft:

    Exported flow


You can export your flow from one workspace to another. For example, if you want to move a flow from a development to a production workspace.

The flow can only be exported successfully if its components are accessible in the target workspace.
  1. Select Flow settings  Export flow.

    Exported flow
  2. Select the destination workspace and (if required) a flow to overwrite with this flow:

    Select destination
    When you override a flow, a draft of the new flow is created. The overwritten flow is only replaced with the exported flow when publishing the draft. The original flow is saved as a flow version, and you can revert it from the flow history.
  3. If a flow you want to export contains components that use topics, you must choose a target topic to override. This topic must also be exported:

    If the flow has more than one pub/sub topic, topics are not copied into the destination flow.

    A new flow with the same name is created in draft mode.

  4. Choose the credentials and publish the draft:

    Exported flow

API endpoints

You can use API endpoints with the copy flow functionality. These endpoints are still in active development and should be considered a beta. Read the Connect API documentation for more information.