2024 release notes

This page presents all release notes for Connect during 2024, listed in reverse chronological order.

January 2024

New features

Filter flows by components on the Flows page

A new filter Component is added to the Flows page. Using this filter the system will filter and display the flows that contain selected components. The filter is multi-select.

Filter flows by components

The new filter option component_id is also added as part of the GET v2/flows API endpoint to search by component name in the workspace.

CRON scheduling: Default cron expression - 10 minutes

Scheduling for CRON in the flows has been set to 10 minutes by default. To change it - open Settings on the flow designer page and set the required range.

Label for the selected component

On the Flows page added a label for the selected component if the filter is applied.

Label for the selected component
Suspend/resume flow feature
  • Suspend/resume flow with persistent queue

    Suspend means that flows is not stopped and keep received messages and stored them in a queue. Once the status is changed from suspend to resume, all the messages will be resumed and passed through. If the flow is suspended, certain actions are enabled, such as changing the component version, mapping and credentials, but you will not be allowed to make any change in the flow graph UI.

  • Suspend flow button

    • Added Suspend flow to the menu of a flow card

      Suspend flow button in card menu
    • Added Suspend flow button to the flow designer page

      Suspend flow button on flow designer screen
For the suspended flow, it is prohibited to change the flow graph.
Transformed UI for Workspace page from Ember to React

The React styles were applied to the Workspace page and all pages inside.

Timestamp fields in the Contracts

Added created_at and updated_at attributes to the v2/contracts on GET, POST, and PATCH endpoints.

Fixed bugs

  • REMOVED Unnecessary warning messages during component executions

  • FIXED Webhook requests with malformed paths crush the platform services

  • FIXED Error in receiving sample Invalid username or secret provided.

  • FIXED TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading localeCompare).

  • FIXED Flow Designer UI crashes when metadata contains an array without properties.

  • FIXED TypeError: Cannot convert undefined or null to object.

  • FIXED API pods restart due to Raven’s errors while connecting to Mandrill.

  • FIXED Bug with tenant admin permissions (PATCH contact’s customData).

  • FIXED API endpoint for adding an existing user to the specified contract has an incorrect body in Swagger.

  • FIXED Bug for cases where the flow was stuck in stopping/starting states after a manual restart.

  • FIXED Flows settings are not fully visible in the View list mode.

  • FIXED Stop Date on the container details page was equal to the current date-time.

  • FIXED Component logo fails to display after updating its visibility from Team to Tenant.

  • FIXED Error on Credentials Page in case the component hasn’t the title field (TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined).

  • FIXED Saving of data samples with specific structures.

  • CHANGED Incorrect validation of exitCode in k8s-event-handler.

Component updates

Facebook component 1.1.0

  • Upsert Object Action

  • Lookup Objects (plural) Action

  • Lookup Object (at most one) Action

  • Delete Object Action

X (Twitter) component 2.0.0

  • Component and migrated on Twitter API v2

  • Make Raw Request Action

  • Search Tweets Action

  • Output metadata for Post Tweet Action

MongoDB component 1.6.0

  • Support for MongoDB latest versions (incl. 7.0)

  • MongoDB Node.js driver to the latest version 6.2.0

    Between MongoDB versions, certain things might have changed like the output format of data (metadata) emitted by some actions.
No changes
  • For the old MongoDB versions (4.4 and older). MongoDB version can be chosen in the credentials.

  • keepAlive, useNewUrlParser and useUnifiedTopology options in MongoDB for versions 5.0+ (still are available for older versions).

Mapper component 1.0.1

  • Sailor version to 2.7.1

  • jsonata-moment to 1.1.5 that supports JSONata 1.8.6

Shopify Admin component 1.6.7

  • The credentials verification process to not require any Shopify scope (previously: read_products scope). The platform now utilizes the get_shop endpoint, which doesn’t necessitate any scope, as opposed to the previous list products endpoint.

Shopware 6 component 1.1.3

  • An issue when the component crashes due to the input metadata for the Upsert Object Action

  • An error in the Object Type selection for Lookup Objects (plural) Action

Shopify component 1.6.8

  • Incorrect output metadata structure for arrays

Salesforce component 2.8.1

  • new Subscribe to PubSub Trigger

  • Exponential backoff

  • Duplicate retries

  • Issue for real-time flows that sometimes have authentication errors

  • Subscribe to platform events Trigger:

  • Fixed:

    • Duplicate retries if connections are lost

    • Incorrect behavior of AuthFailure

Microsoft PowerBI Component 1.0.0

Initial component release
  • Make Raw Request Action

  • Retrieve Reports Action

ChatGPT Component 1.0.0

Initial component release
  • Send Request Action

WhatsApp Component 1.0.0

Initial component release
  • Send Message Action

Pinterest Component 1.0.0

Initial component release
  • Make Raw Request Action

  • Make API Call Action

Rest API OAuth2 Client Credentials Component 1.1.0

  • Dependencies to the latest versions

  • Request timeout in sec configuration field to HTTP request Action

  • More detailed logs for errors

  • REST client to be reusable

  • Default requests timeout to 60sec

Google Spreadsheets component v2 1.1.0

  • Get Spreadsheet Row Action (based on the existing trigger Get Spreadsheet Row)