2021 release notes

This page presents all release notes for Connect during 2021, listed in reverse chronological order.

December 2021

New Wordbee connector

A new Wordbee connector is now available as a beta release, enabling you to automate the creation of multi-language websites in Matrix using a professional translation service.

Use this component to build integrations that:

  • Automatically send new or updated website content to Wordbee based on your workflow rules in Matrix.

  • After the translation process is complete, automatically retrieve the translated content from Wordbee and create or update content in Matrix.

Retry from step

When troubleshooting an issue from the flow executions page, you can now choose to retry a flow error from a specific step instead of retrying the entire flow.

Your flow must be active with passthrough disabled to access this feature.

Clear UI indicator when using old components

New icons on the Flows page allow you to see that flows are using old or deprecated components quickly:

  • A warning icon displays if the flow is using a deprecated component: Deprecated

  • An update icon displays if the flow is using old versions any components: Update

Click into the flow to resolve the issue.

Other improvements

  • When adding a component to a flow or updating a component in a flow, you can now only select from the last two published versions of the component.

    If you have an old version selected, it remains visible.

October 2021

New Matrix Connector

A new Matrix connector is now available in Connect!

This connector leverages the new Matrix Asset Management API and is designed to support headless content creation, including translations.

The connector will continue to be developed in line with the API as new asset types are supported.

Translation recipes

Our new recipe that uses Google Translate and the new Matrix connector to automate the translation of Matrix pages is an excellent example of how you can use the new connector.

This recipe can be used as a baseline or example for any customers who want to do translations with professional translating services.

Additional work on a connector for the Wordbee translation service is underway.

Single sign-on from Squiz DXP Console

Connect is moving to a model where all access is managed from Squiz Digital Experience Platform (DXP). This addition will make user management and access far simpler for DXP users.

All Connect users received an email on October 26th with specific instructions on how this change impacts them:

  • If you were not already a DXP Console user, you would have received an invitation to join last week. Accept this invitation promptly to retain access to Connect.

  • If you were already a DXP Console user, you don’t need to take any action. Use your DXP Console sign-in going forward.

Squiz will remove the ability to sign in directly from the Connect sign-in page in late November.

XML diff component

The XML Diff Component compares two XML documents and checks for missing elements or differences in element values.

Update all components in a flow

You can now choose to update all components in a flow to the latest version in a single click. Open the Flow designer page and click the Update all components button (update all components).

Reassembling from splitter

You can now use the Reassemble action from the component to group multiple messages into one message.

July 2021

New Funnelback connector

The Connect team is excited to announce a new Funnelback connector! The connector enable a range of key use cases where Connect can be used to enhance Funnelback implementations such as:

  • Pushing files that Funnelback may not have access to into a push collection for search

  • Displaying search results based on user level permissions

We welcome your feedback, especially if you have additional use cases that you would like to see supported.

Canvas connector - updated and no longer in beta

The Canvas connector is now fully released following a beta period. The new version includes new suppot for Canvas announcements. This enables announcements created in Canvas to display on your website or portal.

May 2021

New recipe for Sharepoint / Funnelback integrations

Squiz Marketplace includes a new recipe for key Funnelback and Sharepoint use cases; just activate the recipe and delete any flows you do not need. Using this recipe you can:

  • Retrieve list of files from a Sharepoint document folder and push them to a Funnelback collection for search.

  • Retrieve the file metadata with permission detail from a Sharepoint document folder and push it to a Funnelback collection for search. This flow constructs the permission detail as the document lock string and pushes to a Funnelback push collection.

Additional configuration and set up is needed in Funnelback, described in more detail in the relevant Marketplace recipe documentation (Configuration tab).


A new component designed for GraphQL APIs is now available in beta mode, making integrations to GraphQL APIs significantly easier.

Resolution of sample data issue

Some users may have experienced an issue, where errors occurred periodically when retrieving sample data. This issue has been resolved.

April 2021

Zoom news!

For anyone that attended Squiz Summit 2020, you may recall you were invited to book 1:1 meetings with product and account managers on the website - Squiz has now made Zoom functionality available in a recipe.

Zoom’s privacy and security requirements can make Zoom authentication tricky. To make authentication easier for you, a new Connect app is now available in the Zoom marketplace! Once the app is installed to your Zoom account, you can easily build a custom integration or use one of the Zoom-related recipes on Squiz Marketplace.

Learn more about this feature in the Zoom integration guide.

Other changes

Minor updates have been made to the following components to upgrade the Node.js Sailor version and fix minor bugs:

  • DocuSign

  • Microsoft OneDrive

  • Google Pub/Sub

  • OpenAPI

  • LDAP

  • AMQP

March 2021

Mixpanel Export API connector in Beta

A new connector to the Mixpanel Export API is available in Beta. The connector enables the retrieval and transformation of the raw Mixpanel data in a single UI driven step.

Watch this space for recipes that use this connector in conjunction with multiple DXP products for more personalised digital experiences.

Updates and improvements

The CSV component has been updated to support reading a file from remote URL in the Read CSV action.

Bug fixes

  • When activating a recipe you can now create OAuth2 credentials from the activate recipe page. Previously these credentials needed to be created in advance.

  • The issue causing workspaces to be unavailable for selection when exporting a flow has been resolved.

  • The issue where flows with dynamic metadata were failing to save under some circumstances has been resolved.

  • A number of UI bugs that occurred when troubleshooting flows have also been resolved.

Other changes

Minor updates have been made to the following components to upgrade the Node.js Sailor version and fix minor bugs:

  • Rest API

  • CSV-component

  • Postgresql-component

  • Edifact-parser-component

  • Mssql-component

  • Zip-component

  • Dropbox-component

  • SharePoint component

  • Canvas component

  • Datastore component

  • OpenAPI3 component

February 2021

New Canvas Connector

A new Canvas connector is now available as a beta release! The connector is designed to support student portals, with functions for getting the data that students may need day to day as well as full management of calendar events so that students can book office hours etc.

Sharepoint connector updated and recipes added!

The Sharepoint connector (for Office 365) has been updated to better support Filtering when retrieving data.

We’re also excited to release a new recipe for Matrix and Sharepoint that includes multiple use cases. Just Activate the recipe and then delete any flows for use cases you don’t need. With this recipe you can:

  • Retrieve a list of files from Sharepoint and display on Matrix

  • Retrieve a hierarchical structure from Sharepoint and display on Matrix

  • Collect data from a Matrix form and create as a file on Sharepoint

Watch this space for Workplace and Funnelback recipes coming soon!

Bug fixes

  • UI fixes for complex flows: The “Add Step” option is in longer available immediately after a Content Based Router component. You can only choose to Add Branch. This has resolved a confusing UI bug that could occur when editing complex flows.

  • Add credentials: The bug preventing users from saving credentials under certain circumstances has been resolved, and the validation messages for credentials have been improved.

Other changes

Minor updates have been made to the following components to upgrade the Node.js Sailor version and fix minor bugs dictionary-component

  • email-component

  • google-bigquery-component

  • configuration-component

  • REST-API-v2

  • webhook

  • request-reply

  • mongodb-component

  • Mapper

  • sftp-component

  • xml-component

  • salesforce-component

January 2021

New Sharepoint connector (Beta)

A new Sharepoint connector now available as a beta release. This connector supports Sharepoint in Office 365. It leverages the Microsoft Graph API, which enables you to read, write and manage sites and files on Sharepoint.

There are no known bugs in this beta release and it can be used in live integrations. Any feedback is welcome in the lead-up towards the full V1 release.

New recipe for Workplace with Slack, Teams and/or Outlook

Use the new Workplace recipe to create automatic announcements on Slack or Teams when you create new Workplace content. You can also use the recipe to create an Outlook event for "all hands" announcements on Workplace.

Just activate the recipe and delete the flows you do not want to use.

Platform updates

  • Invitations to Connect now expire after 30 days if they have not been accepted. After an invitation has expired, a contract owner must re-invite the user.

  • Deprecated functions in components are now in a collapsed list underneath the supported functions list. Previously, deprecated functions were included in the main Functions list with a 'deprecated' flag.

  • A number of improvements have been made the the user interface for configuring components.

  • Minor updates have been made to the following components to upgrade the Node.js Sailor version and fix minor bugs

    • CSV

    • Google PubSub

    • Magento

    • Open API

    • Twitter

    • SOAP

    • REST-API-V2 Component

    • Request-reply component

    • Router component

    • Code

    • JSONata transform component

    • Webhook component

    • Pub-Sub component

    • SFTP component

    • Simple-Trigger component

    • Splitter Component

    • Utility Component