Standard page

The standard page asset lets you create standard content pages within a site as well as control content variations. For example, if you want to show some information with a heading, hyperlinks and images you could use a standard page asset.

You can add a standard page asset to the asset tree from the New child  Pages  Standard page menu.

The unique functionality of a standard page is described on this page.

Content screen

This screen is used to edit the contents of a standard page in your website frontend. Content components are used on the content screen to add different types of content to your web pages.

Read Asset content screen for more information about the generic functionality of the content screen.

Variation settings

This screen is available when at least one variation is created on the asset’s Variations screen.

The available fields are:

Variation name

The name of this variation’s bodycopy asset representing this Variation.

The name you set here is shown in the asset tree.


Select the persona you want to associate with this variation.

You can select multiple personas but you cannot select the default persona as well as a custom persona. If you do, then only the default persona is applied.