Version history screen

Whenever a user updates a Matrix asset, Matrix takes a version snapshot of the asset.

Read Understanding the data available for what Matrix stores in the version snapshot, Historical data retention for how far back the version history spans, and View an asset’s version history for instructions about how to access the feature.

Understanding the data available

The version snapshot contains the following core version history data, displayed in expandable groups in the interface:

  • Standard fields

  • Attributes

  • Content

  • Metadata.

Asset version history screen with the content group expanded

Additional data that falls outside core version history data is displayed in raw data format in the Other section.

Historical data retention

Version history is retained for the previous 100 version changes. Once an asset reaches the change history limit, new changes cause the oldest version snapshot to be removed before the new change is recorded.

If an asset is purged, all related history is removed as part of the purge process. Read Trashing and purging assets for more information about deleting assets from your Matrix system.

View an asset’s version history

Asset history is available on any Matrix asset type you have permission to access.

To access and view the version history of an asset:

  1. Right-click on any asset and select Version History.

  2. Click the version history revisions snapshots to view the changes made between versions.

  3. Collapse or expand the core categories to display only the information you need to view about the asset.

  4. Review the raw data returned in the Other category for lower-level changes made to the asset over time.