6.25 release notes

December 14, 2022

This page describes release information for all Matrix 6.25 versions, including patch releases.

Bug fixes

The following bugs were resolved in this version of Matrix.


CONTEXTS: Metadata select fields are not context-safe (MATRIX-4120)

If a user edited the value of a Metadata select field in one of several contexts, it would be applied or updated across all other contexts. The fix applied to how metadata keys are set means that all metadata fields are now set using context-safe (context-able) keys even if the field itself is not context-able. Users can now update field values for each context and have those edits related only to that context.

Backend performance degrades over time due to document.body click event listeners (MATRIX-5028)

A JavaScript function was attached to the body element as an event every time a screen changed. The backend interface would gradually slow down because more functions ran every time a function event was attached to the body element. The fix applied to document.body click event listeners prevents more than one function from attaching to the body element, regardless of the number of screen changes. Performance is consistent regardless of how long the backend interface has been used.

Component Templates only work with form bodycopies if there are no usage restrictions anywhere in the system (MATRIX-5226)

Bodycopies belonging to assets other than standard pages were not considered when assessing component template restrictions. This condition caused an error to appear in the component template panel when a restricted template was available to add on assets other than standard pages. The fix removed the type restriction, and automated testing was strengthened for the component template panel. Component templates with restrictions can now be added and edited on bodycopies belonging to asset types other than standard pages.

Collapsing all when teleported makes asset tree disappear (MATRIX-5302)

Teleporting to an asset did not clear a CSS class responsible for displaying child assets in the asset tree. When users selected the Collapse all option in the asset tree after teleporting through a URL, the asset tree would appear empty. This condition also occurred when users visited an asset directly and selected the Teleport option. A fix made to the teleport logic now checks if the childIndent class is present when Collapse all is selected. If the class is present, the asset tree removes the class for teleported assets which fixes the originally reported issue.

Asset tree no longer opens to the location of the current asset (MATRIX-5303)

A regression occurred during the asset tree improvements for Matrix 6.18, which prevented the asset tree from opening the current asset upon the first load. The code that introduced the regression was identified and removed. The fix also strengthened test cases to prevent this issue from reappearing.

Metadata Output overflows container in Firefox (MATRIX-5313)

When users viewed a Metadata section in Firefox, the dark grey area containing metadata output overflowed, resulting in horizontal scrollbars appearing. The unexpected scrollbars caused the UI to break. The CSS property that controls metadata textarea empty space was changed from pre-wrap to pre-line. Metadata output sections where a schema is applied now have a consistent UI across Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.