Segmentation user group asset

A segmentation user group is similar to a regular user account type user group. However, it does not contain any permanent user assets. A user is automatically placed into a segmentation user group for a single request if any segment IDs sent by the CDP match IDs assigned to a segmentation user group in Matrix.

The user group allocation can change dynamically for a user. It is driven by how the Customer Data Platform (CDP) compares a configured list of segment IDs matched against what is sent about a current user and how that user is followed throughout their site visit.

The segmentation user group can provide all inbound visitors to your site with basic public user access and follow their activity as they use it. This data can provide further insights into their usage behavior as they interact with your site and change user group segment ID classifications as they explore its features and potentially convert from a visitor to a customer.

How to add a segmentation user group asset

To add a segmentation user group asset to your site:

  1. Right-click on a location in the asset tree that supports the segmentation user group assets.

  2. Select Create new…​  Segmentation  Segmentation User Group.

  3. Give the asset a name.

  4. Select Save.

Details screen

Read Asset details screen for information about the common fields available on this screen.


The Details section for a segmentation user group lets you change the group’s name and set the segmentation codes applicable to the group.

Segment IDs

Supports a line-feed-separated list of one or more Segment IDs set in the CDP. The IDs are matched against the information sent about the current user.

Segment IDs must be exact matches to the Segment ID set in the CDP:

  • Maximum of 15 characters

  • Lowercase characters only (a-z)

  • Numerals (0-9).