6.44 release notes

June 11, 2024

This page covers changelog information for all Content Management 6.44 versions, including patch releases.

(MATRIX-5935) Preference Configuration field descriptions inaccurate

The descriptive text for the Hyperlink safety in live assets and Turn on to hide errors produced by Matrix or PHP from frontend users preference screen configuration items did not match the interface used to configure them. The interface was adjusted to match the updated toggles on the preference screen configuration, and the text was updated for clarity.

(MATRIX-6427) Applying permissions across many assets can be very slow

HIPO jobs to change permissions no longer try to apply permissions to assets with the particular permissions applied. This change to processing logic means that the HIPOs now run faster when applying permissions across many assets.

(MATRIX-6448) Disabling metadata code output breaks WYSIWYG fields

A JavaScript race condition was discovered when loading content and its dependencies for WYSIWYG fields on the Metadata screen. Dependencies require content to be loaded first in the Document Object Model (DOM). If the dependencies load before the content, you can not edit WYSIWYG fields on the metadata screen, as the dependencies require the content to be already set as HTML. The way JavaScript loads on this screen has been fixed to ensure the dependencies are always loaded last. The user can now consistently edit the WYSIWYG field on the metadata screen.

(MATRIX-6514) Multiple metadata text fields are not expanding for new data

Supporting scripts for hierarchy and multiple text metadata fields were not correctly loaded. Hierarchy and multiple text metadata fields did not function as intended on the Metadata screen. The way fields are loaded into the metadata screen was modified to load supporting scripts, which corrects the originally discovered issue.

(MATRIX-6542) HOTFIX (June 12, 2024) Unable to edit metadata information

A time-based initialization of the Viper (WYSIWYG) editor caused larger metadata schemas or slower connections to cause Viper not to start correctly. Under these conditions, the entire metadata screen could become uneditable. The Viper start code was moved to run after metadata fields are loaded to mitigate large metadata schemas and slower connections, which fixes the originally reported issue.