Content editor feature restrictions

The Content Editor feature restrictions feature reproduces the Feature restrictions functionality and applies it to all content editors.

The feature provides a single location for administrators to set restrictions for all content editors, making it easier to manage access to features and screens that they do not need.

The Content Editor feature restrictions feature offers several benefits, including:

  • Simplified upgrade process for clients upgrading from Edit+ to Squiz CMS.

  • Easier management of access to sensitive features and screens for content editors.

  • More restrictive control over content editor access to sensitive features and screens.

Restrictions can be set using the Content editor feature restrictions page or the Feature restrictions pages

The settings on these pages are nearly identical and are cumulative. The main difference is that the Content editor feature restrictions page restricts access to all Content editor users, while the Feature restrictions page applies restrictions based on groups.

On both of these pages is a General features section and a Metadata display section. The restrictions under these headings are not as self-explanatory as the other settings on the page.

General features

Quick search of entire system (restricts to current asset tree only)

Enabling this restriction limits quick search to the current asset tree.

For example, if a user only has access to a certain tree of assets, their quick search will only search within this tree. Or if a user teleports to an asset, the quick search will only search that part of the current tree selection.

Asset tree of entire system (restricts to current site only)

Enabling this restriction will limit the asset tree to the current Site asset.

An example of enabling this restriction is if you are on a domain that relates to a Site asset, the asset tree will be restricted to that Site asset.

Cascade status from dropdown menu (restricts to current asset only)

Enabling this restriction hides the Cascade current status option from users when updating the status of an asset from the Screen header.

For example, when updating an asset from Under construction to Approve and make live, only the current asset can be moved to the new status. All child assets beneath the current asset retain their current statuses, instead of all being updated.

Metadata display

Linked field type and ID

This setting lets you hide a Metadata screen UI element that shows a linked asset ID of the field:

Linked asset IDs
Advanced metadata

The Advanced metadata restriction toggle will hide any metadata schemas that have been marked as Advanced.

Details screens options
Metadata code output

This restriction toggle hides the Metadata code output UI field.

part5 metadata output

Configuring feature restrictions

  1. Sign in to your Squiz CMS account with system administrator privileges.

  2. Click the System configuration icon in the toolbar.

    Feature restrictions menu
  3. Select the Content Editor feature restrictions entry in the menu.

  4. Click the Pencil Edit button to acquire the edit locks.

  5. Select the toggle off icon beside any feature you want to restrict from Content Editors. The feature entry will turn red to indicate that the feature is now restricted.

    The features available for restriction are grouped under various topic headings, and each heading shows the number of features currently restricted beneath it. This allows for a quick overview of the level of restriction being applied to Content Editors.

    content editor feature restrictions screen
  6. Select the green Save button to save your changes and release the edit locks.