Backend user

A backend user can sign in to both the inline edit and administration interfaces. They will not be able to edit assets within the site until they have the required permissions. A backend user needs read permission to view an asset and write permission to edit an asset.

A Matrix user needs at least a backend user account to be able to edit a site.

The main difference between a backend user and a content editor is that a backend user can create all asset types by default. You can also link this account type within the system administrator group. Doing so promotes the account type to a system administrator account.

A backend user can also be given admin permission to an asset. This permission grants administrator-level access to the selected asset but does not grant full system administrator account permissions. Read the Permissions documentation for detailed information about permissions.

Read User account type quick reference to understand the different abilities each user account type has in a Matrix system.

You can create as many backend users accounts as you want within your system. If backend users have write permissions to a user group, they can create other backend user accounts.

By default, only a system administrator or the root user can create a backend user. Backend user accounts should be in a user group under the Users folder asset. Read User groups for detailed information about user groups.

Usage scenarios

Some usage scenarios for this user account type include:

  • You need a user to have admin permissions for an asset or a group of assets, but not your entire site.

  • You want to distribute common website management tasks between a group of users.

  • You need a user to create all asset types but not have full system administrator access privileges.