Matrix contains several tools that allow you to perform system-wide functions. The tools available on the system tools screen are shown in the figure below.

The tools menu
To access each of these tools:
  1. Click Tools in the Matrix toolbar.

  2. Select the tool you want to use.

Available tools

Depending on your user account type, some tools may not be available to you from this menu.
  • Asset sorting tool

    Permanently reorder assets in the asset tree based on a standard asset field or an asset attribute field.

  • Bulk file upload tool

    Upload multiple files through the browser into a specified location.

  • Clear Matrix cache tool

    Clear or repopulate the Matrix cache for an asset or create a one-off or repeating cron job.

  • Clear Squid cache tool

    Clear or repopulate the Matrix Squid cache for an asset or create a one-off or repeating cron job.

  • Data search tool

    Search for data stored in attributes and metadata fields throughout a Matrix system.

  • Export assets to XML tool

    Take an asset and all its children and export its details to an XML file.

  • Export files tool

    Export all file assets from a specific root node to an archive file while preserving the asset tree structure.

  • Export online quiz to XML tool

    Export all assets relating to an online quiz in a format that complies with SCORM e-learning standards.

  • Import assets from XML tool

    Perform actions passed in from an XML file, including creating assets and setting metadata.

  • Mass clone tool

    Make multiple copies of an asset to which you have access.

  • Re-indexing tool

    Manually re-index either all or a section of a site for search purposes if search manager indexing is disabled.

  • Search and replace tool

    Search for a string and replace it with a different value in the selected part of a system and in specific asset types.

  • Structured file import tool

    Import Microsoft Word documents into Matrix and create a structured tree of standard pages.