6.36 release notes

November 13, 2023

This page describes release information for all Content Management 6.36 versions, including patch releases.

Bug fixes

The following bugs were resolved in this version of Matrix.


Fatal error when using thesaurus metadata field types (MATRIX-5683)

It was discovered that a method used by the thesaurus metadata field returned a void result instead of the expected boolean result. This meant the code could not use the correct value, and an error was presented to the user. A return value is now issued to the method, and a null check has also been added.

Improve SQL query used during link deletion (MATRIX-5746)

A database query was poorly optimized for making use of indexes On large systems, deleting links could take a long time The query was optimized to be better able to take advantage of the existing indexes, which now makes deleting asset links faster.

Large chunks of HIPO Job work can cause requests to timeout in SaaS (MATRIX-5866)

The work completed in a HIPO Job step was not time-based. Steps could run for a long time and timeout when run without Squiz Server. A time-based constraint is now applied to every step that runs, which prevents steps from timing out.

Triggers failing due to new_status error (MATRIX-5938)

When an “Asset Status Being Changed To” trigger condition was evaluated for a trigger event other than a status change, the status change data did not exist. This lack of data caused a PHP Notice error to occur. To fix this issue, the “Asset Status Being Changed To” condition now detects when the status change data is not present and returns false. Otherwise, it continues to return true based on satisfied trigger event conditions.

This condition will always return false for events other than status changes, preserving the existing behaviour without presenting a PHP Notice to the user.
Trigger Action "Set Tag" Causes PHP Error (MATRIX-5942)

It was discovered that when a trigger asset’s Remove this tag instead of setting it option was selected, a null value was set in a variable designed only to accept a string. Under these conditions, a 500 error was thrown. Furthermore, when the page was reloaded, it displayed as blank (no content). The setting now sets an empty string instead of null. This empty string allows users to select the tag removal option in the trigger asset without error.

Asset ID column size prevents user from switching to old linking screen (MATRIX-5955)

The sq_user_state table was unable to store longer LDAP user IDs. User actions such as switching to the old linking experience screen would fail when attempting to write to the sq_user_state table. The failure caused the screen to become unavailable for those users. The size of the assetid column in the sq_user_state table was increased to match the size of other user ID columns in the database making the user experience consistent for LDAP users with longer user ids.