Restrict user group membership based on their IP address range

The User IP condition and User IPv6 condition settings on each user account type lets you control how users gain membership to a user group based on their IP address.

User IP condition

Specifies that the user account is only a user group member if they have a particular IPv4 range.

Using the UI

To add a new IP address through the UI:

  1. Open the Membership conditions screen.

  2. Select Edit to get access to the Add new condition field.

  3. Select either User IP condition or User IPv6 condition.

    Both options work the same.
  4. Select Save to load the Condition group.

  5. Enter the Network IP Address and Subnet Mask into the fields provided.

  6. Select Action  Grant or Action  Deny depending on how you want the user membership to work.

  7. Select Save.

You can add as many IP addresses as you want to the list. You can also choose to grant or deny access to the user account if the IP address is outside one of the IP ranges specified in the list.

Bulk import using CSV

If you have a long list of IP addresses you need to add, you can create a CSV file and import it. The format of the CSV file must be a file without a header row. Each line in the file contains six fields:

  • The first four fields should be the octets of the Network IP Address. For example, 255,255,255,0.

  • The fifth field is the Subnet Mask in CIDR format. For example, 24.

  • The sixth field is either one (1) for Grant or (0) for Deny.