6.43 release notes

May 23, 2024

This page covers changelog information for all Content Management 6.43 versions, including patch releases.

(FEAAS-348) Formatted text inputs no longer use <span>

Content page assets no longer use <span> tags to wrap content blocks when rendering output.

(FEAAS-613) Customizable page preview width sizes on new window previews

The content page asset preview shown in the right column or a new window can now fill the full width (of the column or window) or be set to a custom width less than the full width.

(FEAAS-733) Components not updating reliably

Unnecessary caching and insufficient checking for updated versions of a component caused issues with reliably updating to the latest version. Unnecessary caching was removed, and additional checks for updates were added to make the upgrade process reliable.

(FEAAS-760) Select root node elements in the resource browser

You can now choose a root node asset from the resource browser. If a root node was previously selected, it will appear as selected when attempting to replace a selection.

(FEAAS-775) Exporting and importing assets containing a content page no longer breaks the import

The saved content page data was unavailable during import, and the code did not handle this gracefully. The customer would see a fatal error message, and the import would stop. Validation was added for the content page data, which returns a warning message if not found. The import process now completes while warning about any content pages that were not imported.

(FEAAS-820) Recent locations added to help with resource browsing

The resource browser now shows a list of recent locations that assets or images have been selected from in the sources list.

(FEAAS-820) Preview column user preferences are remembered

The preview column of a content page asset now remembers if it was closed. The asset type remembers that preference during the current session, even when navigating between content pages.

(FEAAS-886) Maximise preview column width by reducing other column widths

The outline and content columns have been made smaller in width to allow the preview column to be wider.

(FEAAS-891) Improvements to reordering cards within components

A race condition with page state rendering sometimes resulted in outdated page state data appearing on the page. Component logic now instructs them to ignore stale page state data, allowing resources to appear as reordering happens in the correct order.

(MATRIX-6285) Trigger Condition "Has a child/parent" does not allow "Match only the triggering link"

If a user added the Has a child/parent condition on a trigger, the checkbox labeled Match only the triggering linkā€¦ was always unavailable. Not allowing access to this option caused issues because the checkbox is often used with the Link Created or Link Deleted trigger actions to match only the link that fired this trigger rather than any link the relevant asset has. This option was unavailable for administrators to use when setting up a trigger. The Match only the triggering link checkbox is now enabled based on write access to the trigger, so it is enabled when the trigger is locked for editing.

(MATRIX-6307) system_integrity_check_indexes.php recommends dropping asset version history indexes

Packages without asset types did not record related database changes. The system_integrity_check_indexes.php script would advise dropping the Asset Version History indexes. The code handling other package management tasks was changed not to require asset types to be present in the package. The system_integrity_check_indexes.php script no longer reports indexes installed by packages without asset types as being incorrect.

(MATRIX-6347) Allow frontend /?a= renders of files to be cached

Files served through ?/a= would never be cacheable at the proxy. This condition also affected files referenced in CSS and JS.