Random listing

The asset listing page allows you to create a list that will randomly show several assets from a pool of assets. For example, you can set up an asset listing page to randomly display an image on your site’s home page.

Example of setting up a random listing

The following example creates an asset listing to show a random image from the images folder on the site’s home page.

  1. Create an asset listing page called Random image under your site.

  2. Right-click on the asset listing page in the asset tree

  3. Select Details

  4. Set the following fields on this screen:

    • Asset types to list: Select Image

    • Root nodes: Select the Images folder

    • List format: Select Random

    • Assets per page: Enter 1
      This setting means that only one image will be randomly displayed on the page.

  5. Select Save

    The image format bodycopy
  6. Right-click on the asset listing page in the asset tree and select Display formats

  7. In the customized asset type formats section, select Image from the list

  8. Select Save
    An image format bodycopy will be created under the type formats folder in the asset tree.

  9. Right-click on the image format bodycopy in the asset tree

  10. Select Edit contents

  11. In the WYSIWYG editor, add the keyword replacement HTML img tag to display this image.
    This setting will show the image on the page.

    The WYSIWYG editor
  12. Right-click on the home page in the asset tree

  13. Select Edit contents

  14. Create a nest content division on the page.
    To find out more information on how to do this, refer to the Concepts manual.

  15. Select the Random images page in the nest content division.

  16. Select Save

A random image will be displayed at the top of the page when the home page is previewed.

A preview of the nested random listing page

When you refresh the page, the asset listing will randomly select another image to show. This image may be the same as it was previously showing.