Next steps

By completing the getting started topics, you have the basic knowledge necessary to develop your understanding in other areas of Matrix.

Using Matrix

Get the most out of the Matrix interface and learn more about building websites:

  • Grow your understanding of Matrix fundamentals by reading Concepts for a deeper dive into core concepts you need to know when using the product.

  • Learn about the Asset screens available in most assets and what each screen lets you control.

  • Discover the different Content components you can use to add content to your site.

Developing websites with Matrix

Learn how to build websites and other digital applications and services using Matrix as a development platform.

Administering Matrix

Learn how you can configure your Matrix system to suit your user’s and organization’s needs.

Matrix features

Learn about the different asset types and their unique features so you can use the best asset type for your use case when creating content and building websites.

Matrix tutorials

Once you understand how to use Matrix you can browse tutorials that give you practical examples of using Matrix to its full potential.