The highly-intensive processing object (HIPO)

HIPO job

A HIPO job is short for Highly Intensive Processing Object job.

HIPO jobs start every time a task performed by users result in operations flowing down through multiple objects to complete the action.

For example, cascading a Status change through all the children of a Site asset involves processing the Status change action on multiple assets.

The HIPO herder manages HIPO Jobs.

HIPO herder

The HIPO herder is short for Highly Intensive Processing Object herder, which is an interface that lets you manage long-running HIPO jobs.

Through the interface you can monitor and control any running or stalled jobs and check who the owner of each job is.

You can access the HIPO herder from the Maintenance menu.

A backend user can only see their own HIPO jobs while a system administrator or root user can see all HIPO Jobs.

The HIPO herder Current HIPO Jobs section lets you perform the following tasks:

  • Resume a stalled job either in the same window or in a new window.

  • Check the job type and its child job types.

  • View the owner of the job.

  • Check the percentage complete for all running jobs.

  • Delete any parent process jobs.

HIPO job errors

Sometimes a HIPO job can stall if you accidentally close the HIPO job screen or if your connection to Matrix has timed out.

If you try to trigger the HIPO job again Matrix displays an error.

To fix the problem do the following:

  1. Click Maintenance  HIPO Herder.

  2. Choose one of the following options:

    • Click Resume to try running the job again.

    • Click the Delete checkbox and then click Save to delete the job.

    If you delete the job you must retry the task that triggered the HIPO manually. For example, cascading a status change from a parent asset to its children.

Stalled HIPO jobs

Matrix notifies you if a HIPO job is stalled for longer than five minutes.

A system administrator can change the stalled jobs timeout from the System Configuration  HIPO configuration screen.

If you sign out of Matrix with stalled jobs remaining the Stalled HIPO Processes screen opens for you to take action on.

You can click HIPO Herder to manage the stalled job or click Sign out to take no action on the stalled jobs.

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