6.15 release notes

September 28, 2021

This page describes release information relating to all Matrix 6.15 versions including patch releases.

New features

The following new features were added in this version of Matrix.

Asset management API

A brand new REST-based API for programmatically managing assets in Matrix has been introduced in this release.

The new asset management API enables developers to perform CRUD operations on assets through REST-based web service requests.

The API follows a similar token security model to the Content API. Users first set up an access token under the Asset Management API Manager, which is then used in each API request to either create or update Matrix assets.

The initial API release only supports creating and updating specific asset types, including:

  • Standard page

  • Bodycopy

  • Component

  • WYSIWYG component type

  • Code component type

  • Folder

You can view the API reference documentation to see all available endpoints by going to the Documentation screen of the Asset Management API Manager asset.

This feature can be enabled by a root user who has access to the Matrix instance.

The new experience for managing asset links has further been improved in this release of Matrix.

Users who choose to try out the new experience on the linking screen can now easily reorder the children using drag and drop or the keyboard.

You can now also update the link settings of each child asset, including the visibility, link value, and link lock.

The save speed when updating child asset link values has also undergone performance improvements. The average save speed is now four times faster than the previous experience.

Access to try new experiences is currently only available in Matrix SaaS.

Bug fixes

The following bug fixes were resolved in this version of Matrix.

  • Fixed an issue where deleting a form field from a custom form through the asset tree would fail and throw an error.

  • Fixed an issue where using a metadata field keyword in the type format of an asset listing would throw a fatal error if the asset being listed was in safe edit.

  • Fixed an issue where changing the toggle for showing advanced information on the new linking experience would incorrectly trigger the “You have unsaved changes” warning.

  • Fixed an issue in the asset syncing tool where it would sometimes leave long-running server processes on large inbound sync jobs.

  • Fixed an issue in the asset syncing tool that caused out-of-memory errors when downloading large outbound sync files.

  • Fixed an issue where users could not access inline edit mode for assets with a design customization level higher than one.