Permission types

There are three permission types you can set on assets:

Read permission

Users with read permissions can view the contents of an asset. Users need to have at least read permission to view live assets.

Write permission

Users with write permissions can view and edit an asset. Users with write permission can still view assets that are not live.

Write permission prevents users from doing the following:

Users with write permission to the asset can also view the asset changes when it is in a safe edit status. This permission includes seeing the differences between the safe edit version of the asset and the live version.

Admin permission

Matrix automatically grants system administrators and the root user this level of access for all assets.

Users with admin permission for an asset are considered an administrator of that asset. They can perform all tasks for that asset, including editing its content, changing the status on the Details screen, changing the permissions, and applying a workflow or metadata schema.

Backend users can be given admin permission to an asset so they can perform all required tasks without the help of a system administrator.

Read Permission type quick reference to understand how asset permissions affect what user account types can do with assets in Matrix.