Create an API token

Access to the API is controlled through API tokens.

API tokens are keys that allow applications to access an API through an authorized user account.

Tokens can be restricted to any asset in the asset tree.

Matrix permissions based on the assign token user are enforced, but restricted to the scope of any root nodes set.

You create and manage API tokens through the System Management area of the Matrix asset tree.

  1. Expand the System management folder on the Matrix asset tree.

  2. Right-click on Asset Management API Manager.

  3. Select Create new  Asset Management API token.

    This image shows the drop-down menu that appears when you right-click on Asset Management API Manager in the System management section in the asset tree. It shows Create new selected
  4. Give the API Token a name and select Create.

  5. Go to the details screen of the token. Either:

    • Click the Edit button on the create dialog


    • Right-click on the token in the asset tree and select on Details.

  6. Click Edit.

  7. Specify a user. Go to the User field and use the asset picker to highlight the users available, or enter a user’s asset ID.

    The user you select must be enabled and published.
  8. Select the Enabled checkbox to enable the token.

  9. Select Save.

  10. The generated authorization bearer token will look like this:

    This image shows the generated API token. It is a long alphanumeric string
  11. Release the asset locks. Select the down arrow next to the Save button.

    This image shows how to release the locks on the asset. It shows the drop-down image

The token asset now has a Token assigned to it. You use this token in an API request to retrieve information from the assets you selected and granted access to.

Further Reading

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