Configure a user account

Once you have created a user account, you can work through these sections to set the basic conditions for an account.

Activate a user account

When you create a user account, its initial status is Under construction, which means that this user account is inactive and can not sign in to Matrix.

For a user account to be active, the user account’s status needs to be Live.

You can create a trigger to automatically set a user account’s status to Live once created. Read the Triggers documentation for more information about setting up triggers to manage account statuses.

Update user passwords

If you set the status of the user account to Up for review, Matrix will force the user to change their password next time they sign in to the system.

You can create an automated trigger to set an account’s status to Up for review after a specified period of being live. Read the Trigger actions documentation for more information about trigger actions available in Matrix.

When the user logs into either the inline edit or admin interfaces, the Change password pop-up appears:

The change password prompt
Figure 1. The change password pop-up

To change their password, the user must enter their current password into the Current password field and their new password into the New Password field. They must re-enter their new password in the Confirm new password field. Once they have entered their new password, they select Update Password.

If any password rules apply, they will appear above the password entry fields. For example, in the figure shown above, the rule Password must be at least six characters long appears on the screen.

The status of the user account will then change to Live.

Incorrect password attempts

By default, if users incorrectly enter their password three times, their account becomes inactive. The status changes to Under construction. For the user to sign in again, you need to change their account status back to Live.

This option can be disabled, or the number of attempts changed within the System configuration section of Matrix.

Read the Password rules configuration documentation for more information about this feature.