Metadata feature restrictions

You can restrict access to some metadata fields through the Content editor feature restrictions and Feature restrictions pages.

Restrictions can be set using the Content editor feature restrictions page or the Feature restrictions pages

The settings on these pages are nearly identical and are cumulative. The main difference is that the Content editor feature restrictions page restricts access to all Content editor users, while the Feature restrictions page applies restrictions based on groups.

On both of these pages is a General features section and a Metadata display section. The restrictions under these headings are not as self-explanatory as the other settings on the page.

Metadata display

Linked field type and ID

This setting lets you hide a Metadata screen UI element that shows a linked asset ID of the field:

Linked asset IDs
Advanced metadata

The Advanced metadata restriction toggle will hide any metadata schemas that have been marked as Advanced.

Details screens options
Metadata code output

This restriction toggle hides the Metadata code output UI field.

part5 metadata output