Scheduling a trash purge

To help keep your Matrix system running well, you can schedule trash purge operations to run periodically.

The Purge trash scheduling screen lets you configure a recurring Purge trash job. Once you have configured the schedule, select Save to schedule the job.

Field reference


Set the field to Enabled to have the Scheduled Jobs Manager run the job after you have configured its options.

Purge Root Node

Specify a root node to purge the selected asset and its children.

If you do not select a root node, all assets in the Trash folder are purged.
Link Age

Optionally specify a value to only purge assets that are older than the specified period.

Purge trash On

Specify one of the following time-based settings for the schedule:

  • Specify a future date and time to schedule the Trash purge.

  • Select Next run to set the date and time to the next run of the Scheduled Jobs Manager. Check the Status field information for the next Scheduled Jobs Manager run.

  • Set the scheduled job to take place in a certain number of minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or years.

Repeat this process every

Optionally set a recurring schedule based on the time-based settings you chose in the Purge Trash On option.