DB connector

The DB connector asset allows you to store details for a database connection. You can then use these details on many different DB data source assets throughout the system.

Once you have created your DB connector, you can configure the asset on its associated screens. Many of these screens are similar to a standard page. They are described in the Asset screens documentation. This documentation will only describe the Details screen, which is different for a DB connector.

Details screen

The details screen for a DB connector allows you to enter the connection details for the database. Read the Asset screens documentation for more information about the Status, Future Status, Thumbnail, and Details sections.

Connection setup

This section allows you to enter the database connection details. The fields available are as follows:

Connection status

This will indicate whether a successful connection to the database has been made or not.


Enter the username to use to connect to the database.


Enter the password to use to connect to the database. If there is no password, leave these fields blank.

Database details

This section allows you to enter the details for the database.

Database type

Select the type of database to which you are connecting. The available selections include PostgreSQL, Oracle, and MySQL.

Database name

Enter the name of the database on which you wish to run the query.

Host name

Enter the location of the database, for example, the IP address.

Or complete DSN

Specify the connection string for the database. For example, if you connect to a Matrix database, the complete DSN to its database is located in the sq_conf_db_dsn field the main.inc file.


This section lists the assets that are currently using the DB connector.