Content API

You must be a system administrator or higher to manage content API access across your Matrix instance.

The content API simplifies integrating with Squiz Matrix as a headless CMS. The API lets you extract content out of Matrix in JSON data format using REST API endpoints. By accessing the information stored in assets programmatically, you can use Matrix as a data source that powers other digital experiences.

Some examples of information accessible to the content API include:

  • Get data from a single asset

  • Get the site lineage of an asset

  • Get the direct children of an asset.

The content API’s security uses a management asset to create API token assets. These tokens provide read-only API access to root nodes in your Matrix system, based on the user account and root node you select for each token. You can set up the content API token to allow access to asset information from your entire site or a small section.

Read the following sections to learn more about the API:

API overview

Read API overview to learn about API usage information including base URL details, authentication methods, and valid error responses.

API tokens

Read Manage content API tokens for more information about using tokens to control what parts of your Matrix site are accessible to the API.

API reference

Read Content API reference endpoint documentation to learn how to access and view the API endpoint reference documentation for the API.