Add a metadata schema section to the component metadata side-panel

This feature applies to Matrix 6.21 onwards.

You can promote metadata schema sections into a side-panel area (called the component metadata side panel) in content components.

The side panel lets you selectively hide different parts of your metadata schema so that the content parts appear in the component on the Content screen. Promoting less-used sections to the side panel means less scrolling to the metadata content parts you regularly edit.

Before you start

The following metadata field types are not supported in the component data side-panel:


  • Date

  • Hierarchy

  • Thesaurus

If your metadata schema contains these fields, you will not be able to edit them in the component metadata side panel.


To promote Metadata sections to the component metadata side-panel:

  1. Expand a metadata schema asset in the asset tree to reveal each Metadata section.

  2. For each section of your metadata schema, decide whether you want it to appear in the component content area or the component data side panel.

  3. Select the Show in component data side-panel (Content screen only) checkbox on the Options settings group for those sections you want to appear in the side panel.

  4. Select the Enable custom edit layout interface in admin mode option if your metadata schema already has a custom edit layout applied.
    Doing so makes your custom edit layout experience available in the admin interface.

  5. Save your changes.

All content components that use the metadata schema now share the same editing experience on the Content screen.

Click the edit icon on the component header to open the component data side panel and edit any configuration items for the metadata schema.