6.32 release notes

July 19, 2023

This page describes release information for all Matrix 6.32 versions, including patch releases.


The following improvements were introduced in this Matrix release.

Generate a service provider (SP) certificate from the SAML Account Manager asset

It’s now possible to generate a SP certificate from the Details screen of the SAML account manager asset.

The SP certificate status section in the SAML Account Manager asset offers the following configuration options that support this feature:

  • Certificate status

  • Certificate valid from

  • Certificate valid to

  • Fingerprint

  • Download certificate

If you have system administrator permissions on your user account, you have access to these additional SP management options:

  • Delete certificate

  • Generate certificate

  • Regenerate certificate.

Bug fixes

The following bugs were resolved in these versions of Matrix.


Going live from Safe Edit Approved to Live breaks an asset if metadata notice links to delete (MATRIX-5682)

If an asset which was originally linked from the content had had its link removed in safe editing, and the target asset archived, the linking asset would error when being published and would not change status correctly. Linking permissions were relaxed so that write access was not required to target assets when adding or removing metadata content links. Status changes now work as expected when publishing assets with removed links to archived assets.

Read-only users cannot see content on containers with no NOTICE links (MATRIX-5525)

When a user with read-only permissions tries to view a page in safe edit mode the page did not render and showed a generic error message. Proper variable initialisation was added to fix a fatal PHP error. Pages in safe edit mode can now be viewed without error by users with read-only permissions.


Cannot browse folders in resource browser when initiated from formatted text editor (MATRIX-5805)

It was not possible to drill-down into the asset tree when the resource browser was launched from the formatted text editor. This subsequently prevented referencing deeply nested assets. The blur/focus handler logic was changed to avoid re-rendering the resource browser. Drilling down and referencing nested assets in formatted text now works.