Link user accounts into groups

Sometimes you may have a user that needs several different permissions. This scenario is one example of where linking user accounts into multiple user groups is useful. You can link a user account into as many user groups as you need.

For example, a user account linked to the content authors user group and the content approvers user group will receive the permissions granted to both user groups. If Workflow uses both of these user groups, the user will also be able to make approvals.

After you have linked or moved a user from one group to another, those users will need to log out and back in before their permission changes will take effect.

Before you start

You must be signed in to Matrix with an account that has system administrator permissions. Read User account types for an explanation of the different user account types in Matrix.


  1. Locate the user account you want to link.

  2. Drag the user account from its current user group to the new user group.

  3. Select New link here

  4. In the HIPO dialog box, select Next.

The user account stays in its original location and is linked to the new user group. You can make changes to either asset and the changes are updated everywhere.

The asset ID remains the same, which indicates the asset has a linked relationship to that group.