Setting up your user account

In Working with assets you learned that you manage every element you use to build a website through assets, and your user account is no different. Your user account is an asset with various screens and functionality, such as account details and user preferences.

The most common way to access your user account is to click on your name in the toolbar: the My account menu. You access your account settings through My account  Account details and My account  Preferences

Depending on your user account type, you may not be able to change settings on all the screens listed in this article. If in doubt, contact your system administrator for help.

Account details

You manage your account details on the Details screen of your user account asset.

When you first authenticate to your system, your system administrator often asks you to change your password according to your security policies.

If your Matrix system is not using a single sign-on (SSO) integration, you can change your password in the User details section.

Read Account details for details about options available to you from this screen.

User preferences

The Preferences screen contains settings specifically relating to your user account and how you interact with your Matrix system.

Your system administrator can set up global defaults for your user preferences. Sometimes you may want to customize some of these global defaults depending on how you prefer to use Matrix.

Read Account preferences for details about options available to you from this screen.