Matrix features

Matrix features are grouped together so you can explore the range of asset categories available in your Matrix system.

  • Calendar assets

    Understand the different ways you can present important dates and events on your website through calendar assets.

  • Configuration assets

    Discover the different configuration assets and how you can use them to add extra functionality on your webpages.

  • Connector assets

    Discover the different ways you can connect Matrix to other servers so you can browse, view, and import files into your websites.

  • Core assets

    Learn about the core assets that form the basis of your websites.

  • Design and layout assets

    Learn about how to use design areas and layouts to manage content in your websites.

  • File assets

    Understand the supported file types and options you have for displaying rich media content in your websites.

  • Form assets

    Understand the different types of forms you can use in Matrix to collect customer information and conduct ecommerce.

  • Listing assets

    Discover the different ways you can list assets on your webpages.

  • Management assets

    Discover the different management assets available to you when setting up a Matrix website.

  • Page assets

    Learn more about the different options available when creating pages for your Matrix websites.

  • Payment gateway assets

    Discover the different payment gateway implementation available in Matrix you can use to integrate into your checkout workflows.

  • Web services assets

    Learn more about the different web service APIs you can use in Matrix.