Asset content screen

The content screen for an asset lets you add content in an asset, edit the current content, and add or remove components.

Watch this video to learn how to edit content using the WYSIWYG editor, insert a hyperlink as well as an image.

Edit contents
  1. To add a new component, click Add a component.

  2. To edit the properties of a component, click Edit component properties of the component you wish to configure.

Each box on this screen is a type of content component. There are several component types available by default in Matrix. Your Matrix system may contain more items in this panel if content templates are available.

Content components provides detailed information about the core components available to you in your Matrix system, along with how to add, edit, and delete components.

To view the content within the Site’s context, go to the Preview screen of the asset. Read Asset preview screen for more information about this screen.