6.23 release notes

October 28, 2022

This page describes release information for all Matrix 6.23 versions, including patch releases.

Bug fixes

The following bugs were resolved in this version of Matrix.



HTML markup containing special characters was being escaped from form field checkbox list options. Users could not present list options the way they intended. An HTML sanitizer now filters in checkbox lists and related questions allowing safe HTML markup. This content is now displayed correctly. Users can now reliably add safe HTML markup in checkbox list form questions such as text formatting, links, and images.


Corrupted links between bodycopy components and their content assets caused the Content screens of standard page and related assets to become unusable. Users may have experienced a 500 error instead of being able to access the Content screen. Matrix warns users of the error if a corrupted link is detected on a Content screen. Other components now appear and function as normal.


Matrix incorrectly converted PHP warnings to fatal exceptions when a user authenticated as an LDAP user. Many backend operations returned 500 errors, preventing LDAP users from using many parts of the backend. PHP warnings are no longer incorrectly converted, which allows LDAP users to use the backend even when PHP warnings occur.


A SQL performance optimization released in 6.22.0 broke the persona chooser in the component metadata side panel. Users were unable to choose personas to target for content components. The SQL to lookup personas was fixed, letting users choose personas to target for content components.