6.2 release notes

September 9, 2020

This page describes release information relating to all Matrix 6.2 versions including patch releases.


The following improvements were introduced in this version of Matrix.

Admin UI access for content editors

Content editors (previously known as Simple Edit Users) can now access the Admin UI (/_admin).

The /_admin interface was previously not allowed for this user type because content editors could only use the /_edit and Edit+ interface to edit content. This restriction is now relaxed because of the significant improvements and changes to the backend UI in Matrix 6.

This improvement also enables content editors to perform a similar list of actions they had access to in Edit+ back in Matrix 5. Some back-end features are unavailable for content editors, such as restricted access to specific tools, asset screens, and asset types.

Read the User account types documentation for more information about the different restrictions placed on user account types in Matrix.

Minor improvements

The following minor improvements were introduced in this version of Matrix.

  • Status switcher no longer counts dependent child assets when showing cascading information.

  • The ?assetid=xxxx URL query string shortcut now deep-links you to that asset in the asset tree.

  • Increased the width of the list of fields when editing metadata schemas and custom forms.

  • Improved the layout of several elements on the Global preferences screen.

  • Improved the layout of standalone WYSIWYG fields.

  • Restricted the ability to create or link users, content editors, and the public user user account types under the System Administrator user group.

  • Restricted the ability for users other than system administrators to morph a user to a different type.

Bug fixes

The following bug fixes were introduced in this version of Matrix.

  • Fixed some minor UI layout issues on the Global preferences screen.

  • Fixed an incorrect padding style that was getting applied to several lists across the UI.

  • Fixed an issue where accessing /_admin on a standard page would incorrectly take you to the bodycopy child asset instead.