Import assets from XML tool

The Import assets from XML tool takes a structured XML file created by the Export assets to XML tool tool, and uses the information to construct an identical asset structure in a target Matrix system based on the structured XML data.

The tool is available from Tools  Import assets from XML in the Matrix toolbar.

Importing and exporting assets between different versions of Matrix is not supported and may result in broken imports. For best results, only import and export assets between the same version of Matrix.

Imports and exports use the default context only. Any custom contexts are ignored.

To import assets using this tool:

  1. Select an XML file in the Import XML file field. This field also supports importing assets from tar files containing XML and physical files.

  2. In the Import assets under (optional) field, select a parent asset under which to import the assets.

    If a parent asset is specified in the XML file, this field will overwrite it.
  3. Select Import to begin the import process.

An example XML file structure is provided on the Import assets from XML tool screen or accessed at /__data/asset_types/tool_import_assets_from_xml/files/example.xml.