6.1 release notes

August 28, 2020

This page describes release information relating to all Matrix 6.1 versions including patch releases.


Improved screen header loading

The screen header in the main panel no longer reloads every time you interact with the current asset or screen. For example, when changing screens, acquiring locks, or saving your changes.

This improvement makes the screens load a little faster for users, and the screen header doesn’t appear to flash each time a screen interaction happens.

Improved screen navigation for system management assets

The screen navigation for system management assets now lets you see all available screens in the screen navigation.

image$6.1.0 system management nav

This improvement makes screen navigation on these asset types easier because you no longer have to first click on the More drop-down menu to view these common screens.

Improved section headings

Several screen headings are now more descriptive of the fields contained within the section, and no longer repeat the screen heading.

“Simple Edit User” terminology change

As part of the new changes to the content editing persona, the Simple Edit User user type has changed to Content editor.

image$6.1.0 content editor

This name change improvement supports the fact that this user type can edit content through both the /_admin and /_edit interfaces of Matrix, while still conveying the primary purpose of content creation, editing, and publishing.

Performance improvements

Several performance improvements have been made to the application architecture to improve saving and loading screen times when editing content.

Important changes

Payment Express Payment Gateway asset name change

The Payment Express Payment Gateway asset name is renamed to Windcave Payment Gateway to reflect the recent rebranding of this payment gateway service.

image$6.1.0 windcave asset

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the “parent asset” link in the status switcher would not work.

  • Fixed several minor UI layout and design issues.