Creating reports

The following types of report assets are available to help you manage the content within your system:

Asset counter report

This report provides a count of each type of asset under a particular root node.

Asset statuses report

This report lists each asset and its status.

Contexts report

This report lists all assets customized for a particular Context.

Incomplete metadata report

This report provides details of the assets that have metadata fields that have not been filled in.

Links report

This report provides details of the links within your site and whether they are broken. This report includes all internal, external, and email links.

Safe trash report

This report lists the assets that have been marked for Trash.

Search log report

This report provides details of the searches that users have performed on search assets.

Structured asset report

This report provides an easy way to look at certain asset information about assets presented in a hierarchical view.

You can add as many reports as you want to the system. For example, you can add multiple asset counter reports, one that counts the number of standard pages in your site and another that counts the number of PDF files. Once you have added a report, you can configure its settings on its associated asset screens.

Most report screens are the same as (or similar to) those for a standard page as described in the Asset screens documentation. The exception to this are the Details and Report screens which are explained in more detail.

In addition to the report assets, there are also several system maintenance reports you can use to get other information from your Matrix system.