The thesaurus is an application that lists a database of terms. Thesaurus terms can be stand-alone terms or terms linked to one another with relations. You may use a thesaurus in conjunction with other assets such as a metadata schema or a database of terms for reference purposes.

  • Thesaurus

    Learn how to create a database of related terms that can be used in conjunction with other assets.

  • Thesaurus term

    Learn how to add terms to the thesaurus, determine their parents and apply relations.

  • How to use thesaurus terms as metadata

    Learn how to use the thesaurus field within a metadata schema to allow users to input terms from a specific thesaurus as metadata values.

  • Structure thesaurus terms using XML

    Learn the XML file structure required to prepare a list of thesaurus terms for import into Matrix.

  • Synonym searching

    Learn how to use synonym searching to curate term searches based on thesaurus relations.