6.37 release notes

December 4, 2023

This page describes release information for all Content Management 6.37 versions, including patch releases.

Metadata screen enhancements

The following features were released in this version of Content Management that improve aspects of the Metadata screen.

A new action bar is now available on the top of the Metadata screen. The Keyword replacements and Keyword Extractions links and popups have been moved into this action and now have refreshed icons.

Metadata output block improvements

The Metadata output block is now called Metadata code output. The block has been moved to the bottom of the Metadata screen from its previous location at the top.

Schema and Section accordions

An accordion has been added for each Schema and Section so they can be collapsed or expanded. The accordions are open by default unless otherwise specified in the config. They feature a new design that better supports the added features.

Expand and collapse all buttons

At the top of the Metadata screen are Expand all and Collapse all buttons. Regardless of the current metadata accordion states, these buttons will collapse or expand all sections and reset any open or closed states.

Configuration to expand and collapse schemas and sections by default.

Two configuration items are available in metadata schemas and Metadata sections.

Expand this schema by default on the Metadata screen and Expand this section by default on the Metadata screen are selected by default.

Suppose you have a particularly long schema or section. In that case, you can consider clearing the checkbox so the section is collapsed by default. Doing so will help users interact more effectively with the Metadata screen.

Bug fixes

The following bugs were resolved in this version of Content Management.


Using binoculars to locate shadow assets hides them in the tree (MATRIX-4770)

Calculations of sort orders for the asset tree were incorrect when expanding “bridge” assets containing shadow assets (such as LDAP User, Trigger, and Thesaurus assets). Under some circumstances, attempts to show the asset in the asset tree using the binoculars would fail. No assets would appear, and this condition would remain until the asset tree was refreshed while in a collapsed state. The paging calculation in the asset tree for shadow assets and some extra sort order fixes specifically for Trigger and Trigger Category assets were corrected. The asset tree now more reliably finds shadow assets, and the parent asset does not lose its ability to show children when using binoculars.

Form question complex validation rules can cause fatal errors (MATRIX-5239)

Value comparison form validation rules would always call a function to get the value in the field being compared. When a field was set to compare to itself and required, the value lookup would loop indefinitely. This loop led to a PHP fatal memory exhaustion error. The field’s current value is used directly rather than looking it up with a function call when comparing a field to itself, which fixes the originally discovered issue.

Safe trash not able to move the asset into the trash (MATRIX-5379)

The scheduled job process ran as root while the safe-trash scheduled job was created under a normal user. When a scheduled job to move an asset to trash ran, it failed to move the asset to the trash due to a locking issue, even when the asset itself could be trashed. The problematic link is ignored when the scheduled job executes. A scheduled job can move an asset to trash when the safe-trash feature is enforced and the asset is in acceptable status.

Cloning permissions error related to assets and backend users with write access (MATRIX-5455)

Cloning component templates did not have the necessary checks. Users could clone assets to which they had write access, but lost some content during the cloning process. Checks concerning component templates were added, so this could also be cloned. The user can now clone a page to which they have write access, and the component template will also be cloned.

Feature Restrictions don’t work with LDAP Users (MATRIX-5858)

Feature restrictions were intentionally turned off for LDAP Users as they were causing fatal errors in 6.22 as per MATRIX-5213. However, these feature restrictions would not apply to LDAP users. Fixes previously applied for MATRIX-5213 were confirmed to get feature restrictions functional for LDAP users and are now re-enabled.

SAML Account Manager Undefined index/array key error when taken from Deja Vu (MATRIX-5969)

When a SAML Account Manager was loaded from Deja Vu, it sometimes would not correctly populate the SimpleSAMLphp config. Certain authentication paths would intermittently trigger a fatal uncaught exception error with the message Call to a member function getSimpleSamlConfig() on null. When a SAML Account Manager is loaded from Deja Vu, it now reliably populates the SimpleSAMLphp configuration.

Compare draft to published unpredictably fails (MATRIX-6023)

Diff checking methods for HTML tags were expecting only strings, and in certain cases, null was being passed. When null was passed in, the server would fail. The methods have been updated to either check for or accept null being passed. When null is passed to these methods, the server does not fail, and the tool functions.