Accessing the system

There are several ways you can access your matrix system. Learn how to sign in to your system using the admin interface.

Throughout the documentation, websites powered by Matrix are the frontend of a Matrix system. So if a website is a frontend, that suggests you need a backend interface to create new pages and manage other aspects of your site and system.

The admin mode interface is what you use to edit content on pages and administer your site (depending on your user account type access level).

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Access the Matrix admin interface

Before you start

You have the username and password for your backend user account.


The website URL is used throughout Matrix user documentation as a placeholder for your Matrix website URL.

Follow these steps to sign in to the Matrix _admin interface:

  1. Append the _admin URL suffix to your site’s base URL and press Enter. For example,

  2. Enter your username and password.

    Sign in page with user account details entered into the Sign in fields
    Figure 1. Sign in page
    Your sign-in experience may look different from what is pictured here if your system administrator has applied a custom design.
  3. Select Sign in to access the admin interface.

Next steps