Developing websites with Matrix

Matrix gives you plenty of flexibility when developing a site so you can build websites that closely meet your needs. Selecting the right combination of templates, extensions, and packages to include in your site is important to get right when you are building your site capabilities.


Learn about designs and paint layouts.

Paint layouts

Learn how to format and apply a paint layout to an asset through the unique screens of the paint layout asset type.

Custom edit layouts

Learn how to modify the layout of the inline edit mode.

Component templates

Learn how to create templates based on core content components.


Learn more about metadata schemas and how they affect what metadata fields display on assets for content editors.

Asset listings

Learn how you can configure asset listings to create staff directories, image libraries, document libraries and news listings.

Learn how to set up a search page in Matrix that returns results for a specified set of assets on your website’s frontend.

Calendars and events

Learn about the ways you can add calendar pages and events to your website.


Understand the concepts about triggers and using the trigger manager.

Server Side JavaScript

Learn about the different ways you can use SSJS within content components and design parse file assets.

Git repositories

Learn how to integrate your system with a distributed version control system like GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket.

JavaScript API

Learn how you can use the JS API to control core-level functions within your system such as creating, modifying, and retrieving content.

REST resources

Learn how to use the REST resource and REST JavaScript assets to connect to REST web services.

Data sources

Learn about the ways you can combine assets to work with databases.

Account manager page

Learn how you can provide a way for website users to create accounts through your website frontend.

Asset builder

Learn how you can let certain users create new and edit existing assets on pages without accessing the admin mode interface.

Working with SAML Authentication

Learn how to use federated access management through Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML).

Working with Marketo

Learn how to work with Marketo APIs.

Working with Git

Learn how to integrate Matrix with an external git-based file repository.

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