Developing websites with Matrix

Matrix gives you plenty of flexibility when developing a site so you can build websites that closely meet your needs. Selecting the right combination of templates, extensions, and packages to include in your site is important to get right when you are building your site capabilities.

  • Designs

    Learn about designs and paint layouts and how you can synchronize design changes between Matrix instances.

  • Metadata

    Learn more about metadata, and how you can use metadata schemas to control what appears on assets for content editors.

  • Site search

    Discover how you can add search to your Matrix website, or use your search index like a database to provide dynamic content within your pages.

  • Workflow

    Learn about workflow concepts and how to use workflow to control the approval process of assets.

  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)

    Learn about the available Edge Side Include (ESI) properties available to Matrix SaaS.

Other topics